Room With a View

Room with a View was created as a site-specific installation at the Chesterwood Museum in Stockbridge, MA. The idea for the installation came from finding "artifacts" in the woods behind my parent's house. As a child, these old car frames and building foundations seemed to belong to ancient civilizations. Even when engulfed in thick undergrowth, these objects were strangely out of place. Room with a View is constructed of white cedar. Proportions of the window are based on the golden mean or golden rectangle. The window frames objects in its environment and creates a virtual barrier in the negative space surrounding it. It is a lost object, part of its environment but incongruent at the same time. Room with a View was part of Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood in 2002. It was then installed outside of City Hall in Pittsfield, MA. as part of the ArtScape project. It currently sits at the edge of the woods in my yard where it ages gracefully while providing a perch for Chickadees and a summer home for spiders.

Installation view at Chesterwood Museum.
Installation at Pittsfield, MA City Hall.
Where it sits today.

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