Six Portraits

Sometimes years pass between inception and construction. During that time, projects may change dramatically as the concepts and designs are reworked. That did not happen here. Six Portraits is a conceptual piece that came to mind while watching someone use a Wooly Willy toy.  It was constructed from disassembled Wooly Willys (I’ve actually deconstructed Wooly Willy). The images were created by gluing the iron filings to the pictures with rubber cement. The packaging had a number of helpful portrait suggestions. This project contains a self-portrait (I am the second from the left), the others are of no one in particular.

Six Portraits was done as a whimsical piece. However, I think that there is something about Willy rhat is a little creepy and it is disquieting to see a row of Willys out of context grinning at you in mindless conformity.

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