Cathartic Yardstick

The random musings of two old guys

The Podcast

Dear Listeners: Conceived in a dream and fueled by an endless fascination in the great human experiment that is life on earth, we bring you the Cathartic Yardstick Podcast. These are the random musings of two old guys and one-time college roommates who find themselves in similar existential states after following different career paths. It is about the conversations that two ex-roommates, who have a shared history through life’s journey, would have with each other. The only difference is that we’ve suffered in addressing these questions… and now it’s your turn. How lucky are you, right? The Cathartic Yardstick is about life, love, philosophy, natural and supernatural phenomena, and what happens when you finally have enough time to contemplate what just happened and what comes next. Let us know what you think of our podcast – what we’re getting right (and what we’re not), and what topics you’d like to hear. Our musings may not always be particularly insightful, but they are normally pretty entertaining. At least they’ve kept us entertained for the past 35 years.


Your Hosts


Ray is thrilled to be taking this first step into the world of podcasting. This change-of-life activity comes after a long (and continuing) career in human services in New York State. Ray’s increasing years are evidenced by the growing delusion that random strangers are interested in what he has to say. He also enjoys telling kids to get off his lawn and stay away from his car. He was totally unaware of how things worked in the outside world until he met Mark.




In the early 1980s, in a moment of youthful indiscretion, Mark went to law school and it began what has been a long career in military and federal service. He decided to explore the universe of podcasting after he grew tired of Ray yelling at him to stay off the lawn and stay away from his car. A cynic with boundless curiosity about the universe, Mark does bad things, but does them well. After Senior week ‘81, he knows Victoria’s Secret and his sense of humor is such that he is definitely not the guy you want to put on speakerphone when you’re at the pharmacy.